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Big new Updates for YouTube Monetization in 2023

Use shorts to monetize your YouTube channel: Big new Updates for YouTube Monetization:

Big new Updates for YouTube Monetization

Big new Updates for YouTube Monetization


Do you know about the Big new Updates for YouTube Monetization 2023? The new YouTube monetization policies went into effect on June 13th, 2023. The new YouTube monetization features have small content producers on the edge of their seats.

YouTubers can now submit their YPP applications earlier. The platform has lowered the eligibility requirements to provide small content creators with income opportunities. The YouTube monetization requirements as of 2023, which allow creators to join the program earlier, are as follows:

That Will Be The Latest Requirements For Big new Updates for YouTube Monetization  this 2023:


  • 500 subscribers are now required (it used to be 1000 subscribers) for creators to apply for YPP.
  • They must also have made 3 real public posts within the past 90 days.


  • 3000 watch hours in the past one year.


  • In the previous three months, 3 million shorts were viewed.


Only if you have checked off all of the aforementioned boxes are you eligible to apply for YPP with the new YouTube monetization updates. YouTubers who have earlier access to YPP will also gain more advantages, such as:


  • Memberships in channels.
  • Great Chats, Thankful, Stickers.
  • And even use YouTube Shopping to promote their own products.

Only creators from the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, and Canada are subject to these new YouTube Monetization requirements. It will gradually be implemented in additional nations. In addition to these advantages, YouTubers can expect to make money as their channel expands. The YouTube Partner Program won’t require a new application.

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